April 24, 2008

Welcome Bloggers!!

Welcome to the blog for the National Environmental Health Association 2008 Annual Education Conference and Exposition Blogging 101 session on Sunday June 22nd at 1:00 as a Learning laboratory session . We are here to give you news updates and conversation regarding the Tucson Arizona meeting, on June 22-25 2008 related to blogging. General Information can be found at the NEHA website at http://www.neha.org/AEC/2008/index.html or you can download a brochure by clicking on the picture.

On this site we will be experimenting with how to blog during the Blogging 101 session. As one assignment participants can will be post to this blog of thier experiences at NEHA AEC 2008.

If you are looking for the NEHA AEC blog, go on over to http://nehaaecexhibition.blogspot.com/

After Tucson, we will making this the place to discuss and promote Environmental Health blogging.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I cant wait to go!